Hi, I’m Evan. I’m a data scientist and software developer, a social researcher and a lapsed tree planter. I’m originally from Canada, spent six years in the UK and now call Berlin home. If you want to work on something together, do get in touch or check out my CV.

I create and maintain a dataset of speeches made in the UK House of Commons, which is more accurate in identifying speakers and is easier to use than both the official Hansard record and the mysociety ParlParse project. I have written a range of R packages to streamline scientific research.

I have a semi-frequently used Twitter feed, and have a bunch of completed and ongoing projects on GitHub. I occasionally write stuff on my blog and in other places.

I’m a big fan of making maps. I’ve built a map of where in London has the best value-for-money housing for access to public transport, and mapped out every golf course close to a train station in South-East England.

Most recent blog post:

Running in 2020

I ran a lot in 2020. The increased free time caused by lockdowns (and the closure for several weeks of my local park in London forcing me to seek running routes further afield) changed my relationship to running. I went from doing a few 5km runs a week after work, and maybe a longer run on the weekend if I felt like it, to running 10k or more at a time, and running many more days. [Read More]