Isolated Schools Follow Up

Does the location of a school have an impact on the attainment of pupils at that school? I recently published a paper on that question, called Lonely schools: the relationship between geographic isolation and academic attainment in Educational Research, looking at the relationship between geographic isolation and pupil’s academic attainment... [Read More]

Blogging with Jekyll Plugins and Netlify

GitHub Pages is a wonderful platform for hosting blogs and project websites with Jekyll. It’s free, it is integrated into GitHub, which most programmers are familiar with, and it is super easy to set up. However, GitHub pages has a few limitations. If you’re using a custom domain name, as... [Read More]

On the 'progressive' alliance

Earlier today it was reported that the Labour party expelled three long time members over their plans to ‘vote against Labour’ in order to unseat deeply unpopular health secretary Jeremy Hunt, by backing a local doctor running for the National Health Action party, who got 8% of the vote in... [Read More]

When politicians discuss disability

How do politicians discuss disability issues? Has this changed over time? When do particular ways of speaking about disability come become popular, or fall out of favour? In an attempt to answer these questions I downloaded everything that has ever been said in the House of Commons from 1936 to... [Read More]

Cycling vs Public Transit

In June, after changing to a new job with an office not too far from my house, I bought a bike and started riding to work. Part of my motivation for buying a bike to ride to work was to save money, but over my first seven months of riding... [Read More]