Economic Participation and Productivity

Yesterday afternoon (December 6th, 2017), Finance Minister Philip Hammond sparked alarm and condemnation for suggesting that the UK’s stubbornly low productivity rate was due to the high employment rate and larger numbers of disabled workers. His exact quote was: [Read More]

Disabled people and voting trends

I’ve been playing around with panel data from the British Election Study (Fieldhouse et al. 2017), looking at how disabled people voted in the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 General Election. I’ve previously posted the graphs on Twitter, but these ones look a bit nicer, and I’ve included more... [Read More]

Housing Prices and Transport Accessibility

Transport for London has produced this brilliant dataset on Public Transport Accessibility Levels (PTAL). It uses the walking time to transport services, the frequency of those transport services, the number of different servicse available, etc, to produce a score and a banding level for every part of London, including for... [Read More]

Thinking critically about ME research

The laziest kind of statistical research is that which relies solely on presenting the results of statistical tests, without making any meaningfull effort to critically interpret the results. Prima facie acceptance, without critical inquiry, leads to noise being misidentified as meaningful, to bad science and bad policy. With that in... [Read More]

A review of the "Opportunity for All" essay collection

Last week the Learning and Work Institute and the Shaw Trust published a collection of 11 essays titled “Opportunity of all”, on the challenges and opportunities involved in getting more disabled people into work and closing the employment gap between disabled and non-disabled people. You can download the full collection... [Read More]